Baccarat Decanter

baccarat-decanterBaccarat Decanter

A Baccarat Decanter is a beautiful piece of crystal glassware that you will enjoy drinking and serving from. There is hardly any piece of glassware that is more enjoyable than a Baccarat decanter for storing or serving your fine spirits to your guests.

Decanters are a symbol of elegance and style and are likely to impress your guests but can also be used to enhance the feeling of an everyday luxury that is worthwhile.

Baccarat decanters are found in a great variety of varieties and sizes that are designed with a specific type of alcohol in mind. The more common ones are for example a Baccarat Whiskey Decanter or wine decanters. They are all crafted with focus on quality and endurance, which makes them perfect for any level of use.

baccarat wine decanterThe designs are elegant and exquisite and a Baccarat decanter can be found in any desirable shape ranging from the modern, sleek designs to the sharp-edged classic look. They can be found with or without stoppers and also in the classic pitcher style design. The Baccarat decanters are all hand-blown

If you are interested in buying a Baccarat decanter you no longer have to search in specialized stores as they are widely available on the internet. You can find them easily available on where there is a huge variety of Baccarat Decanters on sale.

Waterford Crystal Patterns

Waterford is the name of one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of fine crystal glasses and stemware and they have been operating since 1783, where they were founded in Waterford, Ireland.Throughout the years, they have produced a large variety of crystal glassware and have developed a wide range of Waterford crystal patterns that decorate the famous crystal glass.

Waterford is famous for its fine crystals with amazing shine and sparkle and Waterford crystal is much sought for by collectors and connoisseurs from all over the world. Waterford has produced many patterns of lead crystal stemware throughout the years and the most popular ones include lines such as Adare, Alana, Colleen, Kincora, Lismore, Maeve, Tramore, and many other types of Waterford crystal patterns. The many types of Waterford crystal patterns are very varied but they all stand out in the excellence of the brightness and clarity of the lead crystal.

Connoisseurs will be able to distinguish Waterford crystal patterns easily as they have learned the varieties in the patterns and learned to identify the characters of each of the Waterford crystal patterns. For beginners, it can be very difficult to find any resemblances in the many Waterford crystal patterns but once you start identifying the characteristics you can learn to recognize them as well.

How to identify Waterford crystal patterns

The different Waterford crystal patterns refer to the intricate design that is offered with a piece of Waterford crystal glassware. Each design has its own characteristics and distinctions. Each of the Waterford crystal patterns have taken the name of the designer that has come up with the particular design and the most famous ones are Linsmore, Marquis, Araglin and many others.

It can be a difficult task to identify a Waterford crystal patterns and sometimes it can be a challenge even to the trained eye. The seal of a Waterford crystal can be almost impossible to see unless you use a magnifying glass. Initially, Waterford crystal glassware had a stamp at the base but in 1999, Waterford introduced the seal in order to celebrate the Millennium in 2000 and to put off counterfeiters who tried to copy the trademark logo of acid.

There are various reasons of why it can be difficult to identify the different Waterford crystal patterns as the patterns include cross cutting, rosettes, diamond cuts, and sometimes the cuts are made in different numbers of star points and the small details can be varying, but to the untrained eye it can be difficult to distinguish one from the other. However, most Waterford crystal patterns have one thing in common, which is the diamond shapes that remain when the edge cutting is done.

In order to identify the different Waterford crystal patterns, you need to be able to recognize and distinguish each pattern from the other. You start by examining the pattern carefully, noting the characteristics in the shapes and the cutting. There are various books on the subject that offer you an image of the various Waterford crystal patterns in order to compare them and hold them up against each other. This can be a great help when you are trying to identify any of the Waterford crystal patterns.

You can also visit an antique store or a collector who has been trained to identify the many Waterford crystal patterns with the purpose of determining the age and authenticity of a crystal piece in order to calculate the value. A person with a good knowledge of Waterford crystal patterns can help you find the resemblances you are looking for.



Waterford Champagne Flutes

Most people enjoy a nice glass of champagne and there is no better to serve champagne than to use an elegant set of Waterford champagne flutes. The unique elegance and sophistication of Waterford champagne flutes is difficult to come across and that is exactly the reason why the Waterford champagne flutes have become some of the most sought for champagne flutes in the world.

The elegant Waterford Champagne Flutes are beautifully hand-crafted and feature different Waterford crystal patterns.There are several Waterford crystal patterns to choose from and most of them are highly popular among collectors and connoisseurs from all over the world.

In recent times, there has been a tradition of drinking champagne from the most elegant, tall glasses; champagne flutes or toasting flutes. Waterford champagne flutes are elegant for many occasions like a wedding, anniversary or an engagement party. They also make excellent celebration gifts as they are considered collectibles. There are also special selections of Waterford champagne flutes that can be collected year after year, such as the Christmas Toasting Flute, where each year a new Waterford champagne flute is created.

Waterford Champagne Flutes – The Lismore Collection

The Lismore collection is a collection of Waterford champagne flutes in the popular and classic Lismore pattern. They are crafted of full-lead Waterford crystal and this Waterford crystal pattern offerc elegant trumpets that are brilliantly cut with diamond shapes and wedges. Each champagne flute stands 9-1/4 inches high and offer an elegant and classic look that enjoys an immense popularity.

Waterford’s stunning craftsmanship with a classical approach gets a lovely update in the Lismore Essence collection. Also crafted of full lead crystal with an amazing clarity, this Waterford crystal pattern features slightly more slender stems that offer support to the slightly oversized bowls. The famours Lismore diamond and wedge cut pattern gracefully decorate the base of the bowls and the sizing change emphasizes the smooth crystal above. The design is fresh and light, while still being immensely sophisticated and elegant.

With its elegant and stunning design, the Lismore Essence collection is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner or an elegant brunch. The Lismore pattern is also found in various colors of glass that offer an interesting drop of color to the elegant crystal glass to offer a twist to the sophistication.

Waterford Champagne Flutes – Happy Celebrations

Another popular collection of Waterford Champagne Flutes is the Waterford Happy Celebrations Crystal Flute collection. With its enchanting presence, these crystal champagne glasses make a glamorous addition to any crystal glassware collection. They offer a versatile and elegant way of enjoying the delightful sparkling wine either among friends, guests or on a romantic dinner table. The Happy Celebrations collection is crafted of dazzling crystal with bowls that are trumpet shaped with beautiful etchings that capture and scatter the light in a brilliant manner with immense clarity. The stems are slender and flared and support the bowl and give a comfortable hold while sipping the bubbles. The cuts are designed to represent the bubbles in the sparkling champagne and they allow you to sip your champagne with refinement. The Happy Celebrations collection offer a delightful piece of glassware for a wedding, an anniversary or another special occasion.



Waterford Crystal Vase

A Waterford crystal vase can bring a sense of luxury and elegance into every home as it will brighten up the whole room with its beauty and majesty. Indeed, there is something majestic about a Waterford crystal vase; the amazing shine and the superior handcraft is unique and stunning.

A Waterford crystal vase is both enchanting and delighting and a fine bouquet of freshly cut flowers deserve to shine brightly in a Waterford crystal vase and add a bit of luxury to your home decor.

A Waterford crystal vase is a hand cut crystal vase made from the finest crystal glass available. A Waterford crystal vase is found in many sizes and shapes and they come at many different prices starting from less than $100 to several hundreds of dollars. Due to the elegant design and superior handcraft, Waterford is famous for their Waterford crystal patterns with intricate carving and delicate details that amazes the eye.

A genuine Waterford crystal vase is made from hand cut crystal with shapes, pattern and prisms cut into the glass. Some of the famous pieces from the Victorian era has distinctive elegant patterns and some patterns are made in enameled colors for a more dramatic effect. There are many types of Waterford crystal patterns and among the most popular ones is Lismore that has been manufactured for more than 50 years. Other popular Waterford crystal patterns are Colleen, Shannon and Tramore that continue to impress connoisseurs and collectors from all over the world.

Due to the uniqueness and the amazing clarity of the Waterford crystal vase they have been replicated many times so it is very important to be aware that your Waterford crystal vase is genuine. There are many methods to determine whether a Waterford crystal is genuine or not and one of the easiest ways is to examine the signature that is placed at the bottom of every piece. Many connoisseurs recognize a genuine Waterford crystal on the pattern itself and they can recognize a true Waterford immediately. This is always a good way to make sure if the Waterford crystal vase is genuine; if you become familiar with your favorite Waterford crystal pattern then you will be able to distinguish the real thing from a replica.

A Waterford crystal vase has an amazing glittering shine and it reflects the light in such an amazing way that it feels like it brightens up a whole room. However, a crystal vase should be protected from direct sunlight in order to maintain its clarity. To maintain the shine and clarity you can wash your Waterford crystal vase with mild liquid soap and warm water. Rinse well and polish with a clean piece of linen cloth.

Baccarat Crystal Vase

A Baccarat crystal vase is the greatest gift you can give to your flowers and your home decor will be lifted to another level. A Baccarat crystal vase is a true symbol of perfection.

Baccarat has been producing crystal glassware since 1764 and has been famous among collectors and connoisseurs throughout the world ever since. The reason for Baccarat’s popularity is the ability to make crystal glassware with an intense sparkle and a glittering shine that can reflect the light in a way that resembles a diamond.

A Baccarat crystal vase will add elegance to your home immediately and it can turn the whole atmosphere around in a second. A Baccarat crystal glass instantly transform any room into an elegant and stylish looking place and the whole sense of the room is lifted in just a moment. A Baccarat crystal vase is found in many shapes and designs but they all ooze elegance. They vary in shape, size and patterns and some are made of colored glass for a more intense and dramatic look.

If you are looking to purchase a Baccarat crystal vase for your home you will find a selection that offers something for any taste and preference. There are sleek vases, tall vases, slim vases, square vases, round shapes, squared shapes and even vases that are practically horizontal. They can be purchased in a wide price range starting at around $100 to several thousands. The investment that is made for a Baccarat crystal vase will continue far into the future as the exclusive craftsmanship is of a quality that is exquisite. The tradition of a Baccarat crystal runs back several hundreds of years and according to French tradition the Baccarat crystals are present at many special occasions, weddings and other elegant parties.

A Baccarat crystal vase is much more than just a piece of elegant home decor; it is a piece of history, tradition and a look into the past. The Baccarat company was founded in 1764 and has overcome many crisis in the French history and has grown into one of the most prestigious producers of elegant crystal glassware in the world. Hence, a Baccarat crystal vase is well worth the investment as it is an elegant piece of history that can add elegance to your home and will leave you breathless when the ray of light passes through the lustrous Baccarat crystal.


Baccarat Crystal Glasses

Baccarat is a company that is famous all over the world for its production of exclusive glassware with an amazing sparkling clarity. Baccarat crystal glasses are seen on tables all across the world where there is a need for exclusiveness and elegance at the dinner table.

In the world of wine glasses it is hard to find anything more elegant than Baccarat crystal glasses. Their amazing shine and sparkle is hard to find elsewhere and it is a real treat for the eye to look at Baccarat crystal glasses. Drinking a glass of wine from Baccarat crystal glasses will surely awaken the senses.

Baccarat is a company that produce glassware and stemware and their range covers much more than just Baccarat crystal glasses. Baccarat is also famous for their jewellery. However, their glasses have become a symbol of perfection and it is rare to find crystal glasses of such a high quality. The design and the handcraft of Baccarat crystal glasses is of an amazing quality.

Baccarat crystal glasses can be found for any purpose where a crystal glass is at its place. Their range covers everything from fine wine glasses to champagne flutes and fine barware. Baccarat crystal glasses are designed and manufactured in lines tableware, collections and limited collections. Their range covers everything from traditional elegant design, to modern sleek design and even colored glassware for tables.

A famous and generous line is the Baccarat Massena line that covers a whole range of Baccarat crystal glassware including pitchers, decanters, wine glasses, water glasses and barware. Bevel cuts and facets run from the stem of the glass and spreads like a flame upwards to the center of the glass bowl. The Massena line is largely defined by round shapes, facets and a glittering sparkle.

For people who appreciate modern design, the Baccarat Mille Nuits collection offers a sleek, stylish design presenting amazing tall glasses with delicate and delightful luster and shine. Their tall flutes are found in a large variety of colors for those who wish to add some elegant and luxurious color to their dinner table. The glass bowl is long and slim and made from colorful crystal glass and the stem itself is colorless and offers an outstanding contrast to the brightness of the glass. The details of the Baccarat Mille Nuits collection are outstanding and the sense of design is exquisite with facets, lines, patterns and colors.

Baccarat crystal glasses also cover a more dramatic line called Woods of Euphoria, which offer exclusive wine glasses for all types of wine. This line offers the most stunning shapes and at times offer a splash of dramatic color as well.

Waterford Crystal

Waterford is the name of a company that is famous for its fine crystal glassware, stemware and crystal collectibles. A Waterford crystal is known throughout the world for its excellence in workmanship and high quality. A Waterford crystal is a high quality crystal and is sought after by connoisseurs and collectors from all over the world. Every piece of Waterford crystal has a Waterford watermark – a sign that ensures that your Waterford crystal is the finest piece of crystal available.

History of Waterford Crystal

It was during 1788 two exporters residing in the busy port town of Waterford Ireland targeted royalty for their newest entrepreneurial endeavors and presented King George III along with his wife Queen Charlotte Sophia with a crystal service. So pleased with the gift from the Penrose brothers, the Queen had the new Waterford Crystal service displayed in Cheltenham Castle to share its beauty with the entire realm.

The Penrose brothers; George and William sold their factory to Jonathan Gatchell and the first quarter century of the 1800s saw production thrive. However during King George IV’s reign, hefty taxes were levied and the business suffered…so much so that the doors were closed in 1851. It was almost a century later in 1950 that a couple of Joes…Joseph Griffin and Joseph McGrath made an executive decision to breathe new life into Waterford Crystal production and the new factory was opened in 1951…one hundred years after it had closed in 1851.

The same craftsmanship and dedication that produced the Waterford Crystal service that was so proudly displayed in Cheltenham castle by King George III and Queen Charlotte Sophia in the 1700s is still seen today. Each handcrafted piece is designed and produced with the highest standards in the industry. And though royalty is no longer the targeted demographic, the upscale market that remains the primary target considers Waterford Crystal to be the best for gift giving as well as their own personal purchasing requirements.

Considering the importance of diversification in any successful business enterprise, Waterford Crystal has expanded its lineup of products to include fine China, tabletop and prestigious gifts including fine writing instruments. Made with diamond tipped tools for precision and accuracy, each pen claims the name of an Irish location. Waterford Crystal chandeliers can be found in private homes, the White House and in 1966 one was paid for by the Guinness family and placed in Westminster Abbey for its 900th anniversary of its dedication. One of the most famous chandeliers, the twelve food diameter ball that drops on New Year’s Eve each year in Times Square is made up of thousands of Waterford Crystals!

Their ornament collections include brilliant crystal Christmas decorations, tree ornaments, seasonal angel and snowflake collections and more all handcrafted to their customer’s highest levels of expectation. The “Twelve Days of Christmas” collection produced through 2010 is highly sought after by collectors. And though Waterford Crystal is known for its prismatic display of colors, they also produce brilliant colored crystal such as their “Ruby Cased Ball Christmas Ornament” produced in 2011 which features a beautiful ruby color. Waterford Crystal also has a Hanukkah collection like the Marquis by Waterford Menorah which includes nine individual crystal holders to help celebrate the Jewish festival.

Though the Lismore pattern originated in the early fifties and remains one of the most popular Waterford Crystal patterns, the company has expanded to over 100 patterns with each having a large selection of styles and designs. Watermarks with either name or logo are included in every piece for authentication however this method of identification and authentication did not begin until after the company’s revival in the 1950s.

Baccarat Crystal

A Baccarat crystal is the essence of beauty, magic and perfection, and a Baccarat crystal has an exclusiveness that is rare to find elsewhere. Baccarat is a manufacturer of fine crystal glassware and is located in Baccarat, France. Baccarat was founded in 1764, and has since then been a leader in the production of high-quality glassware. To this day, Baccarat produces an exclusive variety of Baccarat crystal glassware, ornaments and figurines, jewelry, chandeliers, and they continuously produce nothing less than the finest crystal artwork available.

Baccarat is a company with a rich history that has always been proud of their great handcrafted work and they continuously work with the highest quality materials and the best designers available. Furthermore, they have served some of the most influential costumers throughout the world and the Baccarat crystal glassware today shines vividly within some of the most important historical buildings and estates.

The History of Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat was founded in 1764 by the Bishop of Metz, who wanted to encourage industry in the small village of Baccarat that had been in ruins in the aftermath of the Seven Year’s war. Louis XV gave permission to found a production of glassware along the banks of the river Meurthes. The Bishop of Metz founded Baccarat with the intention of producing high quality crystal glassware that could compete with the glassware that enjoyed great popularity in the region. However, he experienced an unexpected success as his glassware was very well received.

As history will reveal, things changed drastically in France. First came the French revolution in 1789 and later the Napoleonic Wars, and Baccarat was struggling during these times. In 1815, the fate of Baccarat was determined as a success, when it was bought by Aime-Gabriel D’Artigues, who bought the Baccarat crystal glassworks with the purpose of continuing the production of the exclusive Baccarat crystal glassware. Artigues focused on the production of lead crystal glass and developed several new techniques in producing fine crystal glassware in France.

In 1822, the company was sold again, and the new owners founded the Compagnie des Cristalleries de Baccarat that soon became the leading producer of French crystal glassware. Since then, Baccarat has continued to be a leading manufacturer of crystal glass collectibles and its magnificence continues to the present day. The company has been rewarded many awards and has won numerous medals at world’s fair in Paris.

Baccarat Crystal – Glass of Kings

The legendary perfection of a Baccarat crystal has been increased by the virtuosity of the craftsmen who has been producing the legendary glassware. Not only has medals and awards determined the elegance and exquisiteness of a Baccarat crystals but Baccarat has also been the preferred brand of glassware among some of the world’s most famous leaders and rulers throughout the world. Many of them have ordered custom made glasses, decanters and chandeliers from Baccarat. Baccarat has also created outstanding designs of a more peculiar character, for instance a Baccarat crystal staircase for the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul, which also houses the world’s largest Baccarat crystal chandelier.

Indeed, it is the refractive and reflective character that makes a Baccarat crystal so suitable for large chandeliers and table tops as it has a shine that is so remarkable when compared to other types of glass. A Baccarat crystal has an outstanding and remarkable ability to reflect the rays of light that is transmitted through the crystal. This is the reason of the popularity of Baccarat that has managed to place itself as a brand of global luxury that is in a league that can compare to diamonds and gemstones.